1. Swastik, 2. Shrivats, 3. Nandyavart, 4. Vardhamanak, 5. Kalash, 6. Bhadrasan, 7. Minyugal, 8. Darpan

  1. Swastika: symbolizes four destinies; a) human beings, b) heavenly beings, c) hellsih beings and d) tiryanchs (rest of the living beings). The root of Swastika is SU+US; SU means benefic and US means existence; so it also represents glory, prosperity, progress and success.
  2. Shrivatsa: symbolizes the endless cycle of re-birth.
  3. Nandyavart: This is a big Swastika with nine corners. It indicates treasure of nine kinds of material, physical, mental and spiritual
  4. Vardhamanak: Vardhaman means to increase. Vardhamanak symbolizes increase in wealth, health and most importantly spiritual progress.
  5. Kalash: symbolizes all spiritual wealth. It symbolizes completeness of knowledge. Its mouth represents eternity, the throat - losing old mode and the base represents occupying new mode.
  6. Bhadrasan: Also called Sinhäsan. meaning throne. It is auspicious because it is sanctified by the feet of Lord Jina.
  7. Minyugal: symbolize beings rescued from the ocean of misery of earthly existence.
  8. Darpan: symbolizes true self. True self is our own soul.