``` jy; ijn;en5 ```

j;e g;ujr;t;Im;;] v;;]c;I x;kt;; h;ey; t;;e aih]a; kl;Ik kr;eA jEn;dx;*n;-g;ujr;t;Im;;]

If you cannot read the above in Gujarati (the first line says "Jai Jinendra"), you need to install Gujafont.ttf to be able to read Jain Material in Gujarati.

Gujarati Font download

1.     Using right button of your mouse: Click This and select "Save Target as" and then select where you want to save. The font name is Gujafont.ttf

2.     Now open the file where you have saved Gujafont.ttf and right click, and select install.

3.   You can now go to aih]a; kl;Ik kr;eA jEn;dx;*n;-g;ujr;t;Im;;]

4.   Note: This installation works on PC. I do not think you can install)  on IOS (apple) devices.